VG Coffee 5pk

VG Coffee 5pk

VG Coffee 5pk

VG Coffee Flavour 

These are 808D Cartridges comes in 5pk.

Each Cartridge lasts up to 320 Puffs

Note: VG cartridge use different technology so the juice have to be made differently to soak in cotton for long lasting so the taste won't be the same as VG/Shosha E-liquid.

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With the Vaping Gadget Cartridges, you are getting an abundance of delicious flavour with every puff you take. The Vaping Gadget Cartridges are a blend of many fantastic flavours, but they all come with a prominent base of fruity goodness and a premium tobacco. The Vaping Gadget flavours are sure to turn these cartridges into your new favourite all-day vape. These cartridges come in an abundance of different nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg to satisfy everyone's love for fruits and tobacco while maintaining your desire for nicotine. These cartridges are easy to add onto and remove from your vape. Each Vaping Gadget cartridge is made under latest e-cigarette manufacturing technology and is ready for use at all times and produce between 250-320 puffs (depends upon deepness of puffs) and huge thick vapour like real cigarette with Vaping Gadget flavours.


  •   0Mg – None –  No nicotine just a flavour cartridge for your e-cigarette. 
  • 12Mg – Low –  For those who only smoke “lights” which is full of flavour. 
  • 18Mg – Med –  A medium strength with a little throat hit.
  • 24Mg – High – A strong prominent flavour and throat hit!