TFN Sizzlin E-liquid 60ml

TFN Sizzlin E-liquid 60ml

TFN Sizzlin E-liquid 60ml

If you take succulent kiwi, luscious raspberry, and wild strawberry and blend them together, you get what we call Sizzlin. Love triangles can be complicated and crazy but with this e-juice, you’ll be surprised how smooth and easy going it tastes.

Main flavour: Raspberry, Kiwi, Strawberry

VG/PG Ratio: 65/35   

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  • Primary E-juice Flavours: Raspberry, Kiwi, Strawberry
  • Ratio: 65VG/35PG
  • Sizes: 60ml


  • Vividly Refreshing
  • Amazingly Smooth
  • Perfectly Blended
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Succulent Kiwi
  • Tart Raspberry

TFN Panther series consists of premium e-liquids that are designed with unbeatable precision and with only the best American-made e-juice ingredients. Every e-juice bottle is subjected to a quality control process. All E-Liquids must undergo many tests for it to pass our high standards.

We wanted to develop a flavour that we can vape on while we’re cruising on a warm sunny day. To capture those vibes, we needed something that was colourful yet smooth and mellow. You will absolutely enjoy this flavourful e-juice. Sizzlin is well balanced and you will notice each of the primary notes.

The delicateness of kiwi softens the inhale and enriches the initial flavour. You will notice the distinct flavour of raspberry and the sweet tartness will give you a refreshing mouthfeel found in tarty fruits. Lastly, the strawberry adds body to the flavour profile and compliments the other flavours extremely well by adding depth. If you enjoy a well-balanced e-liquid that will get your lip-smacking, then you’ll be refilling your tank often with Sizzlin.

Nicotine is highly toxic and if enough is absorbed through the skin it can kill you. Many companies inject nicotine on the spot into the e-liquid bottle before selling, it can lead to alteration of the flavour taste and can be very poisonous and dangerous. However, we get the pre-made nicotine e-liquids from our factory which is a lot safer and better. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customer gets the best quality e-liquids.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. This product is intended for purchase and use by persons of 18 years or older only. Avoid skin and eye contact. Not intended to treat or diagnose any condition. Not suitable for drinking, or for any other oral use (other than vaping). Only for use in electronic cigarettes.