ShishaGlass Hookah Bowl 238

ShishaGlass Hookah Bowl 238

ShishaGlass Hookah Bowl 238

ShishaGlass is a great hookah bowl to enjoy your water pipe for a long time, without having to move the shisha coals for constant thick clouds of smoke? The featured trait of this product lies at the stainless steel chimney which harmonises the temperature in the bowl and stores the excellent taste for your hookah. Try this ShishaGlass hookah bowl and experience the benefits of this innovative product!

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ShishaGlass Hookah Bowl 238 Specifications:
  • Height: 4.5 inches
  • Width: 3.5 inches
  • Volume: ~50 grams
  • Base opening:  1 inch


  • Clay bowl
  • Chimney Bowl
  • Grommet  
How to clean ShishaGlass Hookah Bowl 238:

If you would like to seriously clean your hookah bowl you would need:

  • Nail Polish Remover with Acetone
  • A Rough Cleaning Pad (fine steel wool, sanding sponge, plastic sanding pad)
  • And you can possibly use a standard pipe cleaner as well

Selecting the proper nail polish remover is important. It must include acetone as the first ingredient. Acetone is a powerful substance. It can be purchased by itself and is often used to strip the coating from decks or remove paint. However, don’t use pure acetone. It will most likely strip the clear coat from your bowl and could make the ceramic or clay brittle. If you’re unable to purchase nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol would also work fine.

The tool you use for cleaning after the nail polish remover is important too. Use a sanding tool, such as fine steel wool, a sanding sponge or a plastic sanding pad. Don’t use a Brillo Pad as they are often filled with dry soap which will just be an added headache that doesn’t help much. When selecting a sanding tool, choose only fine tools. Coarser ones will quickly strip the clear coat from your bowl. We would suggest using a plastic sanding pad (available at most hardware stores for less than $1), because it’s inexpensive and will take a very long time to wear out when only used for cleaning hookah supplies.

Soak the bowl

Place the hookah bowl upside down in a circular bowl and slowly pour nail polish remover into the bottom of the bowl. Pour enough liquid in to submerge the top of the bowl. Roughly 1cm – 3cm above the rim. Pouring through the bottom is important as it will force the liquid through the holes, thus loosening whatever may be stuck in there.

Allow the bowl to soak for 3 to 5 minutes.

Finish the Job

Now that the bowl has soaked and the nail polish remover has just about finished its job, remove the bowl and aggressively rub the affected areas of the bowl with the rough cleaning pad.

Do not wet the rough cleaning pad before use. Doing so will dilute the nail polish remover that has clung to the bowl and cause it not to work as well. Most affected areas of the bowl will become clean very easily. Some areas, particularly the top of the spire, may require a little more elbow grease.

After most of the gunk is cleared out, run very hot water through the bottom of the bowl, this will force most of the loosened gunk from inside holes in the spire to come clean—but of course, it’s not going to be quite perfect and you may want to run a pipe cleaner through the holes to get the rest of the gunk out. Finally, rinse the bowl thoroughly to get rid of any left-over nail polish remover.