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Shisha Glass "Elegant T" Hookah 1xHose 40cm

Shisha Glass "Elegant T" Hookah 1xHose 40cm

Here is an ultimate hookah with an attractive "exotic" vase and a unique stem design that is simply perfect for enjoying the great pleasure of hookah smoking with others.

This top quality hookah pipe set is an excellent choice both for beginners or hookah connoisseurs.
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What’s in the box (Shisha Glass "Elegant T" Hookah 1xHose 40cm):

  • Bowl Grommet
  • Bowl
  • Ashtray
  • Stem
  • Tong
  • One Way Valve w/ Steel Bearing
  • Hose Grommet
  • Hose
  • Base Grommet
  • Base