Lawless Why Kaito ? E-liquid 60ml

Lawless Why Kaito ? E-liquid 60ml

Lawless Why Kaito ? E-liquid 60ml

Used to known as Swamp Thang

The Why Kaito ? made by Lawless gives you the tasty green sour apple candy sweetness, it has been fine-tuned to keep a balanced taste of both sweet and sour.

Main flavour: Sour Apple, Hard Candy

VG/PG Ratio: 85/15

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Lawless Why Kaito ? E-Liquid 60ml is deliciously sweet and sour, as well as intense green apple candy with undertones of natural Granny Smith apples. When it comes to sour apple candy, that is a flavour we all continue to enjoy. This sweet and sour blend of flavours is a treat for the taste buds and can be enjoyed for all day vaping.

With every inhalation of the Why Kaito ? vape juice, your tongue will be stricken by intensely sour apple flavour. While many candies vape juice flavours out there which uses flavouring agents that have a synthetic aftertaste. However, the Why Kaito ? has a pleasingly natural-taste. As the sour apple taste sits on the tongue, which will make you reminisce your childhood memory of having sweet and sour hard candy.

With every exhalation, the refreshing taste of crisp granny smith apples will take over your palate. The sweetness from authentic and fresh apples will balance out the sourness of the candy flavour, leaving you feeling incredibly refreshed throughout the vaping experience.

If sweet and sour apple is your candy flavour of choice, check out Lawless Why Kaito ? E-Liquid. This refreshing takes on sour apple combine candy flavours with the taste of real granny smith apples to take your taste buds on a serious ride and possible nostalgic journey.

Nicotine is highly toxic and if enough is absorbed through the skin it can kill you. Many companies inject nicotine on the spot into the e-liquid bottle before selling, it can lead to alteration of the flavour taste and can be very poisonous and dangerous. However, we get the pre-made nicotine e-liquids from our factory which is a lot safer and better. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customer gets the best quality e-liquids.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. This product is intended for purchase and use by persons of 18 years or older only. Avoid skin and eye contact. Not intended to treat or diagnose any condition. Not suitable for drinking, or for any other oral use (other than vaping). Only for use in electronic cigarettes.