Lawless Lil AKL E-liquid 60ml

Lawless Lil AKL E-liquid 60ml

Lawless Lil AKL E-liquid 60ml

Used to be known as Ez Duz It

The Lawless Lil AKL is a mixture of strawberry and watermelon, as soon as you vape it you will feel an explosion of authentic strawberry flavour, the delicious watermelon balances out with the sweetness of the strawberry. Giving you the ultimate e-liquid and making this is the must have e-liquid during summer time. 

Main flavour: Strawberry and Watermelon 

VG/PG Ratio: 90/10

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Lawless Lil AKL E-Liquid has a nice sweet fruit blend of freshly picked strawberries and watermelon and delivers a vaping experience that is just like drinking down a cold glass of strawberry and watermelon juice.

The combination of refreshing watermelon and juicy strawberries alone instantly satisfies on a hot summer day in the sun. Lil AKL e-liquid mixes sugary sweetness with a bit of tartness and cool watermelon flavour to quench the thirst and tease the sweet tooth.

With every inhalation of the Lawless Lil AKL vape juice an explosion of authentic strawberry flavour will make your sweet tooth sing. Because the strawberry flavour comes from extremely high-quality flavouring ingredients, you will really think that you have just bitten into a freshly-picked strawberry.

In contrast, with every inhalation, the delicious watermelon will balance out the strawberry’s sweetness. A slight tartness from the watermelon will build before its sugary goodness takes over. This fruity combination is as satisfying as it is addictive, thanks to its careful balance of flavour notes.

We can spend hours in the sun while vaping the day away with incredibly refreshing flavour Lil AKL e-liquid. Strawberries and watermelons give the sweet tooth just what it wants on a hot day. If you are prepared for one of the juiciest vape juice blends available, pick up a bottle of Lawless Lil AKL. A well-balanced fruity explosion of strawberries and mouth-watering watermelon awaits you once you start vaping it.

Nicotine is highly toxic and if enough is absorbed through the skin it can kill you. Many companies inject nicotine on the spot into the e-liquid bottle before selling, it can lead to alteration of the flavour taste and can be very poisonous and dangerous. However, we get the pre-made nicotine e-liquids from our factory which is a lot safer and better. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customer gets the best quality e-liquids.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. This product is intended for purchase and use by persons of 18 years or older only. Avoid skin and eye contact. Not intended to treat or diagnose any condition. Not suitable for drinking, or for any other oral use (other than vaping). Only for use in electronic cigarettes.